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Meet Weronika

I'm a certified Nutritionist and Culinary Expert. I share easy to follow nutrition and detox advice that will help you to look younger and live healthier, more fulfilling live.

Meet Weronika



Our Mission

You are not too fat - you are too toxic! I am a detox specialist. My mission is to share the transformative power that real food and detoxing has on your body AND mind.




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I will cater sessions & simplify meal plans to fit your unique lifestyles. Even if you struggle with limited time or are feeling overwhelmed by health news, I'll design a plan that works just for you!

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I do not believe in fad diets, punishing food rules, calorie counting or other approaches that don’t provide long-term success and leave you feeling defeated. I do believe in a flexible, gentle and fun, rather than restrictive approach to nutrition.